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Terms and Conditions

1. General

The following Terms and Conditions of the website Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy apply to the sales and shipping of products ordered by the customer at Sibutril .org Online through the internet. The customer’s terms and conditions will not be acknowledged unless Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy agrees to them in writing explicitly.

Only after the customer orders and consents to the terms is an agreement and acceptance by Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy initiated. The acceptance of the order will be by an order confirmation on the SSL encrypted order form and the customer will receive a confirmation email respectively. Prior to sending the order, the customer must confirm by clicking the check box that he has read the Terms and Conditions and that he accepts them; only then will the Terms and Conditions become part of the agreement between Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy and the customer. Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy ships worldwide.

2. Offer and Reservation of Availability

All offers are non-binding and non-obligatory.
Offers are always under reservation of the availability. In single cases it may happen that at the date of ordering, a product can no longer be delivered. In this case, Sibutril .org Online reserves the right not to deliver the item. The customer will be informed of this immediately.

3. Product Descriptions

Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy reserves the right to all sales documentations and information (especially to figures, drawings, and weight/dimension indications). All images are for advertisement purposes exclusively and may differ to the product.
You must not take the information for the products or the product description as a guarantee for quality of the products; such guarantees must be agreed in writing explicitly.

Errors and alterations are subject to reservation explicitly.

4. Prices, Terms of Payment and Default

Prices indicated do not include shipping fees. All prices mentioned are without 19% VAT. As this is a worldwide e-commerce platform, the customer does not have to pay for VAT.

The billing amount must be paid within 14 business days from the billing date. If the customer does not pay within the deadline aforementioned, he will be in default. If the customer defaults on the bill payment, Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy customer service will contact him through email or by phone after 7 days to ensure the delivery is still desired. If the customer cannot be contacted through email or by phone, the order will be cancelled automatically after 28 business days.

5. Shipping Fees

Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy provides FREE OF CHARGE delivery for all products and in rare exceptions only (registered mail) by costs of 12 Euro. Express shipment is available as another shipping method at additional costs of 12 Euro.

6. Delivery

Information on the date of delivery or delivery deadlines is non-binding. Delivery deadlines start from the date of the order confirmation and cannot be guaranteed.
Events unforeseeable, unavoidable and lying beyond the control of Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy and events Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy is not responsible for, such as Acts of God, war, natural disasters or labor disputes, release Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy from the obligation to deliver or perform on time. Delivery and performance deadlines or dates are extended for the duration of the disturbance and the customer will be informed by appropriate manners. If the termination of the disturbance is unforeseeable or lasts more than 14 business days, weekends and holidays excluded, each party has the right to cancel the agreement and the customer will be refunded the purchase price entirely.
In general the shipment of goods will be within 3-7 business days using express shipping or 8-13 days with free shipment according to availability and place of delivery. If the delivery time will be altered because of availability, the customer will be informed by Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy accordingly.

7. Right of Revocation and Consequences of Revocation

Right of Revocation:
Within 14 days without indication of reasons, the customer may revoke his contract in writing (e.g. fax or email). After receiving this instruction in writing, but not prior to the customer receiving the goods as or to Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy fulfilling its information obligation according Article 246 Para. 2, in connection to Para. 1 Sect. 1 and 2 EGBGB, as well to the obligations of Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy according Para. 312e Sect. 1 Sentence 1 EGGB, in connection to Art. 246 Para. 3 EGBGB the deadline commences. To keep the revocation deadline it is necessary to send the revocation or the item in time. You must send the revocation to

Consequences of Revocation:
In the event of an effective revocation, the mutually received benefits are to be returned and towed uses (e.g. interest) may be surrendered. If the customer cannot return the goods or can only return partial or goods in a deteriorated condition, the purchaser must provide compensation to Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy appropriately. This does not apply to cession of things if the deterioration is due the customer. In addition, the purchaser may avoid the obligation to pay compensation for proper use of the goods by not regarding these goods as his own property and omitting anything which impairs their value. Dispatchable goods are returned at the risk of Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy. For the customer, the return is free of charge. Non-dispatchable goods are to be picked up by the customer. Obligations of reimbursing payments must be made within 60 days. For the customer, the deadline begins with the sending of the revocation or the goods and for Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy, the deadline beings with their reception.

8. Return of Goods

According to EU medication laws, the return of prescription medication is not permitted. However, the customer may take advantage of the right of revocation according to the conditions outlined in section 7.

9. Retention of Title

The goods will remain the property of Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy until they have been paid for in full.

10. Liability

With wear, simple consumption and wanton destruction by the user, the liability for defects is excluded. We are only liable for defects if the goods have been used for the purpose intended in respect to the instructions or according to the rules of trade. Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy is not liable for damages unless they are due to improper packaging by Sibutril .org Online Pharmacy. Delivery damages must be reported by the customer to the package delivery company and asserted.

11. Privacy Policy

To handle the order in the best way possible, the personal data necessary for the transaction will be stored and processed. Your personal information will be treated confidentially and will only be transferred for advertising purposes to

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